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How to Improve the Efficiency and Performance of Your Automatic Gate

Automatic gates are helping homeowners, residential communities, and commercial businesses create an added level of security that prevents unwanted access to your property. Metal entrance gates that are opened and closed via a keypad, sensor, or remote prevents thieves from accessing your home or business and can increase the value of your property. 

There are numerous styles, materials, finishes, and entry options to create an automatic gate that stands apart from other businesses or communities in your area. Today’s security gates are high-tech and programmed with features like anti-tailgating mechanisms to prevent unauthorized cars from following other vehicles onto your property. Metal entry gates can also be upgraded to integrate with your company’s security and communication systems. Live 24/7 video coverage tethered to an alarm system gives your business the ability to track anyone attempting to gain access. 

After installing your security gate, it’s necessary your business performs routine maintenance and monitors your system. A well-designed and properly maintained security gate can last 15-20 years. 

During the design process, clients often ask us how they can further improve the efficiency of their gate or what features are available to help increase the lifespan of your security gate. Below we showcase some ways your business can improve the efficiency and performance of your security gate.

Routine Maintenance

Ensuring your security gate is properly maintained can save your business money in multiple ways. Performing quarterly or semi-annual maintenance routines reduces the chance of catastrophic failure and improves the efficiency at which your gate can operate. Keeping your gate hinges, chain, pulley, and screws sufficiently greased also means your gate will open and close with much greater efficiency. 

Add a hi-gain Antenna

Security gates are usually equipped with antennas that allow users to open the gate from a distance between 100 and 150 feet. Many clients of ours opt to substitute these weaker signal antennas for a hi-gain antenna. These powerful antennas can increase your range to 200 or even 300 feet to accommodate longer driveways or large business complexes. In highly congested areas or extremely rural environments, an upgraded antenna can also help reduce the power required to communicate with mobile devices or sensors.

Set Automatic Entry Times and Locked Hours

Modern security gates can be programmed to remain open for certain hours of the day or to deny access to anyone outside of business hours. If your business receives a high volume of shipments every Tuesday morning between 7 am – 10 am, you can automatically program your security gate to remain open during those hours. Simple features like these can save your business hundreds of dollars in energy and help keep your delivery drivers on the road by speeding up the take it takes to deliver products. It’s also just as simple to program your gate to deny access to any vehicles trying to gain access outside your specified hours.

Backup System

Unless your business is already generating its own power via solar panels or wind energy, you’re prone to the inevitable power outages that often occur in Florida. In fact, Florida residents experience between 50 – 100 power outages every year. Backup battery systems reduce the chance your employees or residents will be left without access to your property during power outages. 

Additional Features to Improve Your Security Gate

Many automatic gates come with additional features to make it even easier to adjust the settings or provide access to persons entering your business or home. Internal control systems and cell phone gate openers can be installed to communicate with your security system and provide access to settings and automatic timers with a few clicks on your phone or an internal communication device. 

As mentioned, many businesses also opt to integrate their security gate with a previously installed security system. We highly recommend taking this extra precaution if it’s important to track who’s entering your property and easily verify their identity. Adding video and audio recordings to your automatic gate gives your business or community additional comfort and security. Security gates can also be equipped with tamper-resistant security systems that set off alarms if someone attempts to break in. 

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