How A Security Cage Can Benefit Your Business!

If your business has valuables or stock items that need an extra layer of security to prevent theft or accidental injury, then consider installing a high-quality security cage. Security cages, also called wire partitions, are temporary, enclosed structures made of welded steel mesh. While similar to conventional chain link fencing, a security cage is far more secure and versatile. 

There are a variety of uses for these security cages. Thanks to their relatively easy movability, they provide exceptional temporary secure rooms accessible only by authorized personnel. 

Whether you’re protecting inventory before it gets shipped or creating a secure room for your data servers, a security cage can help protect against theft, reduce shrinkage, and increase safety for your business. 

Save Money

Depending on your circumstance, a security cage can help save your business money in various ways. First, they’re more cost-effective than constructing permanent walls or conventional chain link fencing. If you’re protecting valuable inventory or sensitive information, these wire partitions can also save your business money by reducing theft and minimizing the chance for employees to access secured areas. Car manufacturers, warehouse operators, and industrial workspaces utilize security cages to protect employees from dangerous machinery or other hazardous materials. Preventing access to these potentially dangerous areas with a security cage can reduce the chance of injury for employees, saving your business more money. 

Expandability & Versatility

As we’ve mentioned, security cages are flexible and can move around to meet the changing needs of your business. Security cages are also very modular and can be easily expanded upon as your business grows and requires more storage. Adding a room or removing a wall separating two sever rooms is relatively easy. So many industries benefit from security cages due to their incredible versatility. 

Improve Safety in Commercial and Industrial Spaces

In commercial manufacturing and industrial spaces, security cages offer numerous benefits for several industries. Automotive plants utilize wire cages to protect employees from dangerous assembly equipment or robotic arms. Storing large machinery and expensive tools used in car manufacturing is also made simpler with security cages. Thanks to the mesh design, the contents of each partition can easily be identified for quick access. 

Data Center Protection

Protecting sensitive data and company infrastructure stored on hard drives, computers, and servers requires a security space with potentially multiple levels of security. Security cages are exceptional at creating protected data centers. The open wire mesh design allows air to circulate freely, reducing the amount of heat that can build up in your server room. The high versatility of security cages also gives your business the ability to add rooms and more servers as you grow. Advanced locking systems, code card readers, and even biometric entry are becoming available for security cages. 

Protecting Drug and Pharmaceutical Supplies

In the pharmaceutical industry, security cages are also referred to as DEA Cages since these cages must comply with standards set by the DEA to house controlled substances for drug manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers. Pharmaceutical drug manufacturers, distributors, and pharmacies are required to use cages that are approved by the DEA. Law enforcement facilities also utilize security cages to protect and store evidence from crime scenes.

Secure Outdoor Storage Solution

Security cages can also be configured to store items outside your warehouse, store, or restaurant. Security cages designed for outdoor applications hold up to severe weather well and can provide a secure location to store valuable equipment or products that don’t need weather protection. 

Other Uses for Wire Panels

The same panels used to create security cages can also serve a variety of other purposes for your business:

  • Guard rails or safety barriers across your manufacturing plant or warehouse, keeping staff away from dangerous areas. 
  • Retail jewelry and high-end technology stores benefit from the added protection, creating a secure location to store products when closed. 
  • Military and government agencies use wire mesh storage lockers and security cages to protect weapon and ammunition storage. 

The uses for security cages and wire mesh partitions are clearly abounding! If you suspect your business could benefit from adding galvanized steel wire mesh railing, fencing, or security cages, consider calling our team for a free consultation. We can help your company create a secure place to store sensitive information or expensive stock items.