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5 Key Benefits of Commercial Fencing Installed by Professionals

Investing in a high-quality fence for your commercial business can increase value, improve security, and create a more beautiful landscape surrounding your building. Enjoying your new fencing is the fun part; selecting a reputable commercial fencing installer is when it can feel a little more daunting. 

Before our team accepts any fencing project, we always encourage our potential customers to select the best fencing provider for their situation. Hiring an inexperienced, unqualified, or unlicensed fencing installer can lead to a disappointing end product, at best. At worst, it could lead to your business facing property damages or insurance scams.

While there are several factors to consider when determining the best fencing installer for your project, it’s most important to hire a professional contractor with multiple references and years of experience. Below we explore five reasons your business will benefit from hiring a professional installer for your fencing project

Licensing, Insurance, etc.

When you hire a professional fencing installer with liability coverage, you can rest assured that your business is free from any financial hardships due to damages, construction errors, or injuries sustained while installing your new fence. Selecting a fencing installer with adequate insurance is a no-brainer. 

Commercial fencing companies are also required to be licensed by local authorities to install fencing products or any mechanical or electrical systems for a business. When designing your fence project and before beginning any construction, your fence contractor should walk you through acquiring the proper permits to complete the project. Selecting a professional fence installer ensures your business follows applicable laws and regulations and avoids any potential future headaches.

In the unfortunate case where your business selects a contractor who was unable to complete your project due to poor workmanship or other unexpected reasons, it’s vital your business is protected from any damages and can receive a completed fencing project. Hiring a professional contractor who has been issued a surety bond guarantees your project will be finished to the degree promised.

Expertise and Experience

When selecting a commercial fencing contractor, it’s crucial to ask about previous experience and the degree of skill your contractor possesses. Hiring an excellent wood fencing installer who can promise an equally beautiful metal fence with little previous metal work experience is a risky bet. Your contractor should have years of experience in the specific fencing you’re getting installed with references that demonstrate their expertise. 

Helpful questions to ask your contractor:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • How many fences have you installed in the area?
  • Do you have previous experience installing this specific type of fence?

Photos of previous fencing projects are also valuable in helping determine the level of quality you should expect from your contractor. Even better, ask your fencing contractor if there are any local businesses you can drive by to see some of their previous work. 

Selection of Fencing Materials

Often, customers have a particular fence type or material in mind when they contact a company for a quote. Other times, customers are seeking out contractors with industry knowledge to help determine which material and style of fencing would best fit the needs of your business. Either way, selecting a professional fencing installer gives your business access to many more materials, styles, and colors to choose from. Professional fencing contractors also have access to the highest quality materials available on the market. 

Best Warranty

Most fencing contractors offer some level of warranty to protect your new fence should any issues arise after installation. Warranties usually vary depending on the product, so ask about warranty information when selecting a fence material and design. 

Mission & Customer Focused

Your fencing contractors’ mission and priorities should be customer focused and aligned with your goals. Hiring a professional commercial fencing installer with a passion for serving its customers gives your business peace of mind throughout the construction process – assured you’re receiving the highest service and quality possible. 

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