Florida Fence Holds Installer Training for Locinox Products

Florida Fence Products has been a Locinox power user since 2017 and Lee Nelson has worked to integrate their locks, closers, and accessories into his pedestrian gate line.  He has several commercial contractor customers who depend on him to provide commercial grade pool, panic, &  complex entry gates, as well as individual “back yard/patio” entry gates.  His business depends on providing quality products to repeat customers in a difficult multi-family environment.  His solution is to build industrial quality gates with Locinox closers and locks for all the applications they can.



As he has developed his gate lines and methods for installation, he has relied on a specialized crew to do the gate installations.  But business growth has led him to hold a training class for all his installers to work through the mechanics of how he builds and preps the gates, the specialization of the Locinox products, and the adaptations FFP has made to improve the overall gate quality.



Lee said “The time has come to move from having an expert specialized installer for these gates to creating expertise across all his installation teams.”  This will simplify scheduling and shorten installation lead times, reduce installation time required on-site, and decrease installer frustration in the field by increasing the product knowledge of his crews.

Today he brought the crews together this morning where 10 installers worked through the details of installing mammoths, H-metal locks, Pushbars, keeps & electric strikes on multiple gate setups.  Focus is on the “details” because it’s always the little things that get you:  Which screw goes here?  Which way is right side up?  How can you tell that the Quick-fix fastener has seated?

Lee expects to save money two ways:  less install time and fewer call backs, all because more people know the right way to do the job.

Credit to Dave White of Architectural Iron Designs, Inc for writing the article

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