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Florida Fence Holds Installer Training for Locinox Products

Florida Fence Products has been a Locinox power user since 2017 and Lee Nelson has worked to integrate their locks, closers, and accessories into his pedestrian gate line.  He has several commercial contractor customers who depend on him to provide commercial grade pool, panic, &  complex entry gates, as well

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white fence around Florida home

How to Care For Your New PVC or Aluminum Fence?

A new aluminum or PVC vinyl fence can help establish boundaries, add value, and increase privacy for your property. For central Florida homeowners, the high humidity and regular rainfall restricts the kinds of wood that can be used for a fencing project. Many customers of ours choose to install an

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black metal fence around Florida home

5 Key Benefits of Commercial Fencing Installed by Professionals

Investing in a high-quality fence for your commercial business can increase value, improve security, and create a more beautiful landscape surrounding your building. Enjoying your new fencing is the fun part; selecting a reputable commercial fencing installer is when it can feel a little more daunting.  Before our team accepts

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How A Security Cage Can Benefit Your Business!

If your business has valuables or stock items that need an extra layer of security to prevent theft or accidental injury, then consider installing a high-quality security cage. Security cages, also called wire partitions, are temporary, enclosed structures made of welded steel mesh. While similar to conventional chain link fencing,

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How to Improve the Efficiency and Performance of Your Automatic Gate

Automatic gates are helping homeowners, residential communities, and commercial businesses create an added level of security that prevents unwanted access to your property. Metal entrance gates that are opened and closed via a keypad, sensor, or remote prevents thieves from accessing your home or business and can increase the value

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black metal fence surrounding pool and house

5 Reasons Why Aluminum Fencing is the Right Choice for Your Home or Business

Aluminum fences have been gaining popularity over the past 10-15 years. Many businesses, homeowners, and residential communities are installing aluminum fences due to their affordability, elegant designs, and high durability. Aluminum fencing also requires minimal maintenance and can be made of recycled aluminum. It’s easy to see why so many

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